DCA is a Perl framework that enables rapid development and clean design of Business Process and Business Service Automation tasks, in enterprise datacentre environments. Its natural run-environment is a standard Linux platform, and it runs on nearly any current, vendor supported distribution. DCA stands for “datacenter automation” and the framework bundles various components, to connect the different technical layers and vendor tools, typically used in enterprise datacenter environments.

What does it do?

The Framework provides an extensive set of functions to control and maintain the life cycle of virtual and physical datacenter CI‘s so as cloud systems.

Our configuration management modules cover the requirements of technical and administrative activities for provisioning, maintenance, modification, and quality control of physical and virtual server CIs in enterprise IT environments.

The framework includes all major generic component, needed to fully automate OS lifecycles in Enterprise environments. All core components can be operated in the customers environment for a basic fee. Based on the customers’ requirements, the environment and existing technical solutions, the core components may be grouped as needed without extra costs.

Core Components

  • CMDB (DB Vendor independent)
  • GUI, Rest-API and command line interfaces to access the CMDB
  • Workflow Engine • Process Orchestration Layer
  • Various API implementations for commercial tools
  • Discovery functions and agents
  • Tools for Hardware configuration, patching and inventorying


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